The Convenience of Price Comparison Using Handheld Gadgets

iPhones and android phones are just a few among the products of technology advancement. In current times, the use of such gadgets is widespread since it features a range of useful applications to choose from that would benefit their daily activities.

Buying goods, such as primary human needs and other fancy items, is part of one’s weekly routines. Since monetary savings is crucial nowadays due to economic instability, finding the least priced but quality products is top-priority. Hence, many shoppers do make price comparison.


To ease the potential consumer’s queries, a website is established. Along with this creation and technology’s peak, it has developed an application that would befit androids and iPhones.

Bringing the features to your phone

Shopping at times could be daunting but when you know the way to find great deals, it would be as delightful as it should be. The website knows that a potential consumer or shopper of iPhones and android phones will be looking for shops that have plausible price offer.

With its free and downloadable application, Save22 Bar Code Scanner, you can enjoy the advantages of price comparison virtually just like on their actual website.  You can view a range of prices posted by different service providers and stores.

How it works with mini gadgets?

For you to obtain results and information, you just have to scan the barcode of a particular item. Simply use the camera of your phone to scan and wait for the results.

A little downside of the application

Although the application is downloadable and a hundred percent free, it still has its flaws. These may include the following:

  • The application is not compatible to all android phones
  • Tiny bugs may appear when scanning
  • Troubleshooting with application use
  • Not all products or items are featured and has comparison results


Reviews about the application

This application has incurred a good rating in the Google market. In addition to this, it also garnered a lot of positive feedbacks from the users. However, there are also the negative ones.

  • From Google Play reviews: A Google User – October 1, 2012 – Samsung Galaxy Note with version 1.1.7

“Love the ‘pretend I’m not scanning feature’! Still some tiny bugs when scanning, If I press scan then the bar code doesn’t return a result then I press back, camera goes black.”

  • From Google Play reviews: A Google User – August 10, 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0-SNAPSHOT

“I love this application when I start using on iPhone. Now for android…. we can save money of each item… thanks so much…”

  • From Google Play reviews: A Google User – November 6, 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3

“Hardly any local stores.all on lline stores.. bs”


The Save22 Bar Code Scanner application for smart phones is indeed a useful tool in finding great deals about a particular product. However, it still has its flaws and your judgment towards the significance of this tool can only be reviewed by you— the user and beneficiary. So good luck in saving with your finances!

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