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Ipod Nano 6th Generation Watch Band

Nanotch Protective Wrist Watch Strap for Apple iPod Nano 6th Gen – Turn your ordinary iPod Nano into a extraordinary watch accessory. This patented design is made from 100% silicone, Nanotch is comfortable and fashionable to wear. Nanotch allows wearers to easily pop their iPod Nano in and out of the watch face. Unlike other watch bands, the Nanotch also comes with the traditional watch clasp and can protect the iPod Nano from possible damage. Additionally, the Nanotch can been worn by men, women and children alike!

Product Features

  • Helps Protect Your Nano.
  • Fashionable Watch Accessory
  • Traditional clasp to prevent from falling off.
  • One size fits all, Unisex.
  • 100% Silicone for comfort.


Diron G. Henderson
I ordered this for my 8 year old and she likes it.

PROS: The color matches the picture exactly and it’s made with really thick silicone. The case fits the nano snug but still allows it to be removed without much effort. The silicone is also very flexible but will not tear easily because of its thickness. It will also provide ample cushioning if the nano is dropped. The buttons are covered but are still easy to use/identify while in the case. The headphone jack is also easily accessible.

CONS: It doesn’t have an opening for the charging cable. What that means is each time you want to charge or load more songs on your nano you’ll have to remove it from the case. This may not be a big deal for some but my daughter and I thought it would be more functional if the nano could be charged while its still in the case. So I cut out a hole the size of the charging cable. Problem solved but this would have been much better if it was originally designed this way.

Overall: Good design and excellent material. Only gave it four stars because I didn’t like the idea of having to remove the nano from the case every time it needed to be charged.

Very nice case/band. I was looking around for something exactly like this. Something that wasn’t just another strap of fabric or material of some sort that anybody can put together. This actually protects my nano as well as sets it nicely as a watch. Somebody finally got it right. Another bonus is since its silicone and wraps around the unit if I get caught out in a mild shower the nano will be somewhat water resistant(don’t recommend trying).

Nanotch Protective Wrist Watch Strap for Apple iPod Nano (6th Gen.)


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