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Butt Station Tape Dispenser Pen And Memo Holder All In One

Butt Station Tape Dispenser Pen And Memo Holder All In One

Who says office stuffs and supplies can’t be fun? With this great Butt Station Tape Dispenser, Pen & Memo Holder And Paper Clip Storage All In One stuff, your office desk won’t be dull anymore. A nice display and funny item yet very functional for daily office (or anywhere you want) use. Perfect as a gift or souvenir item as well!

Take this one for only $14.58!!!

Butt Station Tape Dispenser Pen And Memo Holder All In One

About The Butt Station
This started off being just a gag gift for a co-worker but everyone is wanting a butt station! A fun art deco desk accessory that includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, memo/card holder, paper clip holder and just a great conversation piece all in one! Stands… or sits… about 5″ high and comes in a variety of colors including the ever popular neon green, neon orange and bright blue. When you need to keep yours in the desk, get a butt station to keep you company! A perfect gag gift idea for the co-worker who is sometimes one of these!

Technical Details
Magnetic butt holds paper clips
Tape dispenser with cutter
Pen & business card holder


What People Says About This Product

A good novelty gift by Doug G.
I bought this as a joke gift for my girlfriend. She’s a teacher and keeps it on her school desk. Her students also get a kick out of it. would recommend.

i love my new desk toy by audiebear
i love my new desk toy it adds a happy feeling on my desk as my lil fella which is green you can get in two other colors also is sitting on toilit its but is magnectic and u put paper clips underneath booty and it holds pens in back or one in its mouth and also has a slot for sticky notes… u do have to buy pens sticky notes and paper clips for it..that doesn’t come with product…oh yeah i forgot also a tape dispencer in front the hands hold it which u need to also by the tape….but once u get your butt station u will love it just love it….

Love this butt! by Nuknuk
Great gift. No, fantastic gift! All my co-workers are stopping by and asking where did I get it. It used to be my neighbor, the next cubicle who they love to say hello. All she has is a jar of candies on top of her desk – no fair. But now I got this butt station. They don’t ignore me now like I stink or something. Who says tape dispenser can’t be fun?

Butt Station Tape Dispenser, Pen & Memo Holder, Paper Clip Storage

Take this one for only $14.58!!!

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