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Asshole Repellent – The Ultimate Gag Gift Product Ever!

Asshole Repellent Spray

This gag gift product is one of the best ever posted here at TechThisOne.Com. This one is guaranteed to repel a complete total repulsive asshole. You will be needing this kind of laughter weapon at your office, home or in any place you will go.

Asshole Repellent

Description And Instruction For Use

When an Asshole is detected, aim atomizer at the asshole and spray for one second. Chronic cases of being an Asshole may require the triple flubberblast (three short sprays).

Let`s face it. The world`s full of Assholes. Whether they`re at the mall, behind the wheel, at the supermarket, or at the gas station, they`re everywhere. They`re Assholes, and you just can`t avoid them. Now you can stick it back to them using this Asshole repellent.

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What is Asshole Repellent? It`s ordinary tap water that can be filled into the can many times over. The planet will run out of Assholes before you`ll run out of Asshole Repellent; and we both know that is not happening. You get our drift. Just fill the can with water, snap on the leak-proof spray atomizer, and it`s good to go. You can also have fun with it dry, like a lot of our customers do.

Product Features

Recipient of the “ULTIMATE GAG GIFT PRODUCT” award last 2011!!
Guaranteed to burst out smiles and laughter every time you will use it!!
Refillable and you will never run out of it!
Can be use at any event or occasion!
Very easy to use! Atomizer pops “OFF” AND “ON” in a simple snap!
Asshole Repellent Spray

What Other People Says About This Awesome Product And Its Creators

SPECTACULAR Customer Service!!! By Mary Hole

I bought a can as a Christmas gift and had a hard time letting it go because it was so much fun. The seller LOVES my home state, so we have that in common and I really appreciated the personal touch of the handwritten note enclosed.

Now for the fun part. The seller appreciated my comments so much, that she sent me another can. Trust me folks, in this day and age, that just doesn’t happen very often. Believe me, when I opened that package today, my flabber was absolutely gasted. I have grinned all day, and that kind of appreciation and customer service deserves a shout out from the tops of the tallest buildings.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have my very own (free!) can of repellant for my desk at work.

Awesome Gag Gift By Katie

Great service! Came right on time! Bought it for my friend for her 21st birthday and she loved it! They even wrote us a note thanking us for purchasing! Highly recommend!

Continues to get laughs By I. Levine

I work with many other people. The support crew comes by and hands us work. Each time one does, I break out this gag, and pump it at them, a few times. Never gets old. No need to use water, just the act of pushing the sprayer always does the trick. Really funny when a new guy or gal comes by, and jumps back.



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