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Awesome List Of 88 Funniest And Weirdest iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Casings

We have made a deep research on the funniest and most awesome iPhone casings that you must know about. And here it is, the 88 iPhone casings that you might find interesting. Do CLICK the images below to know more information about the featured item.


1.) Peach 3D Pig Cartoon Animal Silicone Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G 4S. It’s not fluffy but it’s so cute!!! Get it here – > pink pig case for iphone

2.) 5 in 1 Genuine Handmade Leather Case for Iphone 4 / iphone 4s. It looks like a small pocket book. Buy wait there’s 4 more features click here —> book book case

3.) i-Blason Apple New iPhone 5 Genuine Leather Book Folio Wallet Case for iPhone 5 5G 4G LTE AT&T / Verizon / Sprint CDMA GSM Version – Black. This is a combination of a case and a wallet for iPhone 5. <Get It Here>

4.) Mapi Leather Nicea iPhone 4 and 4S Croc Leather Wallet Case. Your Iphone is surely protected by Crocs. —> < More Details Here >


5.) Luxury Designer Bling Crystal Leopard Cheetah Fur Hard Case Cover for Apple IPhone 4 4S. Bling it on! <Get It Here>


6.) Disney 3d Stitch Movable Ear Flip Hard Case Cover for Iphone 4/4s
Wanna flip Stitch’s ear? You might want to note this as Christmas gift for your kids < More Details Here >


7.) Apple iPhone 5 Ringke SLIM Soft Feeling Premium Hard Case
-Premium SF Dual layer Coating Technology
-Precision and Form Fitted Design
-Super Slim Fit
< More Info Here >


8.) Nintendo Gameboy Game Boy Style Soft Silicone Case Back Cover Skin For iPhone 5
Gameboy fanatics grab one now < Gameboy Iphone 5 Casing >


9.) Silicone Casette Tape iPhone 5 Case
Children of the 80′ and 90’s here’s for you! < Get it Here! >


10.) Poetic Atmosphere Case for Apple iPhone 5 5th Generation 5G
This is another awesome Iphone 5 casing, you know why? < Find Out Here >


11.) OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S

  • Compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

  • Three layers of protection

  • Complete interaction of the device’s functions

  • Ratcheting belt clip holster included

  • Clear protective membrane on touch screen

    < More Details Here >


12.) 80s Retro iPhone Case

  • Simply slot your iPhone into the custom-made holder and capture the look and feel of the 1980s ‘house brick’ phone without losing any of your 21st-century specs!

  • Combine the iconic look of an ’80s handset with the hi-tech specs of an iPhone

    < More Info Here >


13.) Black 3D Handbag Silicone Case Cover Skin for iPhone 4 4G 4S
This is perfect with your hand bag! —> < Grab It Here >


14.) Cute Funny Silicone Skin Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G Gen
36 B – < More Sizes Here >


15.) Black Funny Hard Case Cover With WordPad For Apple iPhone 4 4S. Impress some with this and make her or him smile. She/He might give their number to you. There is nothing to lose if you try? —> <Take It Here >


16.) Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case
Protects against many drops while leaving your iPhones beauty undisguised. Doesn’t scratch or scuff the metal band of the phone. < More Awesomeness Here >


17.) Otterbox Defender Realtree Series Hybrid Case & Holster for iPhone 4 & 4S. This is the case you need if you want to be careless, work in harsh conditions, are tough on technology, anticipate heavy use or are just plain clumsy. Enjoy your adventures, whatever they may be without worry of damaging your device along the way. This case is practically indestructible. < Be Indestructible >


18.) Luvvitt FROST Soft Case for iPhone 5 – Frost
Luvvitt ICE combines the classic low profile protection with high quality Japanese thermoplastic material. The result is a high-end, extremely durable protection without sacrificing the great look of your iPhone. < Want it cold? >


19.) iPhone 4G/4S Hello Kitty Style Big Face Shape Series Bow Tie Style Soft. Definitely everyone loves Hello Kitty < Get Hello Kitty Here >


20.) Rikki Knight Funny Light Switch Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4/4S. Please turn off and on the lights —> < HERE >


21.) Pandamimi Carbon Fiber Style Metal Chrome Side Case Cover for Apple AT&T Sprint Verizon iPhone 4S 4 4G Golden
Be luxurious – < Grab It Here >


22.) Ultra Slim Logo Hard Case Cover Gold Chrome for Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G 4GS Att, Sprint & Verizon
24 Karat Gold? < Find Out Here >


23.) Pink Rilakkuma Bear Soft Silicone Case for iPhone 5
Cuteness overload < Catch The Pink Bear Here >


24.) 3d Bling Crystal Bow Transparent Case for Apple Iphone 4 and 4s
Glamor! < Glamorized >


25.) eForCity 4 Bling Glitter Hard Case Skin compatible with iPhone® 4 4G Version iPhone® 4S
The sweet part here, it has 2 free screen protector < Get It Now >


26.) Paintbox Watercolor Set Funny Iphone 4/4s Case, Iphone Cover, Iphone Hard Case Black
Paint the world with rainbow. < Get Your Paint Here >


27.) Rikki Knight Funny Electrical Outlet Black Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 & 4s

  • measures 4.5″ x 2.25″, This cover has a black frame around image and camera and black sides

  • This high grade hard plastic is durable and lightweight.

  • Precision molded case to perfectly fit your cell phone

  • Covers your iPhone to prevent scratches and bumps

    < More Info Here >


28.) Proguard with Mustache for Apple iPhone 4 & 4S
Your Iphone is guarded by Mustache < Groom Your Iphone Mustache Here >


29.) Baby 2 in 1 Combo Polka Dot Flex Gel Case for Iphone 4 and 4S-Blue/Pink

  • Brand New Generic Bulk Package

  • Protects against scratches and scrapes

  • Special (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) TPU material which can be twisted without cracking

  • TPU provides the strength of hard case while providing flexibility and durability of a silicone case

  • Full body protection case that covers the back and side of the phone

    < More Details Here >


30.) LeGo Block Case Style Soft Silicone Case Cover for iPhone 4 4S purple
Building block to protect your Iphone. < Lego Iphone Case >


31.) Feed Me Nifty Smiley Silicone Case For iPhone 4 and 4S ORANGE
Smile! < Get Some Smile Here >


32.) Disney MuPodS Micky Mouse Chocolate Silicon Case for iPhone 4S/4 chocolate
Who want some chocolate? < Get It Here >


33.) Cool T Shirts Clothes Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4s
Teaser Tees! < More Details Here >


34.) Yellow Funny Duck Silicone Skin Premium Design Protector Soft Cover Case Compatible for Apple Iphone 5
< More Colors Here >


35.) New Soft Silicone Case Funny White Cup Stander Protective Cover for Iphone 4
Bottoms up! < Grab A Cup Here >


36.) Black Leather Case Card Holder Wallet for Apple Iphone 5
But wait! There’s more! < More Details Here >


37.) Wonder Woman Logo Superheroes Comics Wonderwoman Anime and comics iPhone 4s
Wonder Woman is here to protect your phone! < Get It Here >


38.) Mustang Shelby GT500 Ford GT Mustang Shelby iPhone 4
Vroooooommmmm < Brake It Here >


39.) The Beatles Custom Iphone 5 Case
Hey Dude! < Get It Here >


40.) Vintage Camera iphone Case – iPhone 4/ 4S
Say Cheese! < Cheese! >


41.) iLuv Glow in the Dark Case Iphone 5
Try and your phone will glow at night. < Get It Here >


42.)Snugg iPhone 5 Case- Snugg Squared Skinny Fit Protective Case Cover
< Snugg it here >


43.) Vintage Rotary Phone – iPhone 4 or 4s Cover
< Dial It Here >


44.) Godfather the Apple iPhone 4 or 4s Case
Meet my Godfather < Get Your Guns Here >


45.) Apple iPhone 4 & 4S Rubberized Snap-On Protector Hard Case Image Cover “Cross ‘N Skulls” Design
< More Info Here >


46.) MusicSkins, MS-EDHY30133, Ed Hardy – Love Kills , iPhone 4/4S, Skin
< More Info Here >


47.) Engage Bamboo for iPhone 5 – Waves
< Get It Here >


48.) Gumdrop Cases DS5G-BLK-RED Drop Tech Series Case for Apple iPhone 5 – 1 Pack
Why it is 5 in 1? < Check It Here >


49.) Sport Armband Case for iPhone 5
< More Details Here >


50.) IPHONE 4S / 4 / 4G Tyre Tread Silicone Case
< Get It Here >


51.) Premium Iron Man Avengers Silver Metallic Hard Case For Apple iPhone 4S / 4

Check out the other Avengers here —> < Click Here >


52.) BEER GLASS Hard Plastic Design Matte Case for Apple iPhone 5
Tossed! < More Beers? >


53.) Sole Trader @ New Iphone 4/4s Protective Hard Happymori Flower Sport Shoes Case
< Tie It Here >


54.) Rubber Pay Phone iPhone 4 or 4s Case
< Call Me Now >


55.) Speck Products PixelSkin HD Rubberized Case for iPhone 5

  • Super-grippable design helps you hold onto your iPhone 5

  • Slim, form-fitting TPU plastic

  • Raised screen bezel and rubberized button covers

  • Custom-designed for iPhone 5

< More Details Here >


56.) Ionic GUARDIAN Case for “The new iPhone” new Apple iPhone 5 6th Generation 5G
Why do you think this is so ICONIC? < Check It Here >


57.) Premium Bling Luxurious Design Diamond Crystal Snap-on Case for Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone4, Large Purple Hearts

Can you imagine this? Only   0. 49$  < Bling It On


58.) Poetic Keys Case with Build-in KickStand (Piano Keys Design) for Apple iPhone 5

What’s that tune? <Press It Here >


59.) i-BLASON Premium Apple New iPhone 5 Bumper Case fits all Models AT&T Sprint Verizon GSM CDMA 4G LTE 16GB 32GB 64GB for iPhone 5

Hot and new! < Get It Here >


60.) Speck Products SmartFlex Card Case for iPhone 5
With different color combination. < Check It Out Here >


61.) Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case for Apple iPhone 5 with Kick-Stand
< More Details Here >


62.) Genuine Top Lambskin Leather Case for iPhone 5
Is really 100% leather? < Check it Here


63.) Mickey Mouse HARD BACK PIECE Faceplate Protector Case Cover
more freebies! < Get It Here


64.) Bottle Opener For Iphone 4 / 4s
< Open It Here >


65.) Knuckle Case for iPhone4 & 4S – Gold/Copper

< More Details Here


66.) Electroplating Hollow Pattern PC Case Hard Back Cover for iPhone 4S/4, Gold
< Get The Gold Here >


67.) Le Big Head Hello Kitty Back Cover Case for Iphone4/iphone4s
Another Hello Kitty Collection < Get It Here >


68.) Blue Birds Nest Case for Apple iPhone 4, 4S
and where is the bird? < Check It Here >


69.) Cool Money Designer Hard Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4s Grab It Here >


70.) VANS iPhone 4 4S Waffle Sole Grip Case
< Wear It Here >


71.) Plush Toy Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
Wanna have some teddy? < Hug It Here >


72.) Ice Cream sandwich Iphone 4 and 4s Case White silicon Rubber Get A Bite Here >


73.) High Quality LED Color Change Flash Light Hard Skin Protect Case Cover for Apple Iphone 4 4s
< Light It On Here


74.) Dual Use Cool Best Special Crocodile Chrome Flip Leather Case for iPhone 4 4G 4S
Why it is dual use? < Check It Here >


75.) Musubo Retro Case for iPhone 4/4S

  • Dual Layer Protection

  • Strong Polycarbonate Exterior

  • Soft Silicon Interior

  • Precision Fit for iPhone 4/4S With Full Port Access

  • Includes Folding Video Stand

    < More Details Here >


76.) [MADE FROM RAW WOOD] Bamboo Case for iPhone 4/4S (Camera)
< More Info Here >


77.)  Instagram iPhone 4 case iPhone 4s Case Silicone
Black Or White and you can personalized it with your name.
< Get It Here >


78.) Diamond Luxury Clear Protector Case for Iphone 4 & 4s, 3D Peacock Diamond by Chromo Inc.
< Fly With The Peacock >


79.) NEW Sense Flash light Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G LED LCD Color Changed
< See The Color Change Here >


80.) Turtle Dinosaur Silicone 3D Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S
< Grab It Here >


81.) Hot Credit Card Soft Silicone Rubber Skin Case Cover for Apple Iphone 4s 4 4g
< Swipe It Here >


82.) DC Classic Controller Hard Plastic Case for Iphone 4 & 4S
< Start Here >


83.) SANOXY Calculator Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S
< Compute It Here >


84.) Designer LV Iphone 4/4s Hard Bling Leather Case with Shell Case
< Get It Here >


85.) Falling Tetris Blocks Design – White Protective iPhone 4 – 4S Hard Case
< More Info Here >


86.) Disney 3D 3 Eyes Toy Story Alien Movable Eye Hard Case Protector Shield Cover Iphone 4/4S
< Invade It Here >


87.) Qmadix Crave Cover for Apple iPhone 5

  • Evolutionary and protective multi-layer case for iPhone 5 in a red and black color color combination

  • Tri-fused materials blended together in a stylish and sophisticated cover

  • Shock-absorbing interior and impact-resistant outer shell

  • Allows access to all phone functions.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5

< More Info Here >


88.) Yellow 3D Hand Palm Shape Silicone Case Cover Skin for iPhone 4 4G 4S
< Hold Hands Here >

I hope you find the above iPhone casings awesome. Feel free to share your own find (if you have any) at the comment section below.

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